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25 BP 1313 Abidjan 25,
Commune de Cocody, Riviera Golf 4,
Beverly Hills,Republique de Côte d'Ivoire


Tigui Holding is developing numerous agricultural development initiatives to address more specifically the needs of the communities in the areas of exploitation of the group and to strengthen the local economy. It is frequent that mining areas overlap with those dedicated to agriculture. Tigui Holding focuses on investing in agriculture which remains the largest employer and the lifeblood of numerous communities and has a significant potential impact on economic growth.


When mining becomes a great opportunity to boost farming Tigui Holding has created AgroMine, a program that provides support, training and agricultural development opportunities, in partnership with agricultural companies. This program aims at empowering women and build community resilience through the development of sustainable agriculture opportunities in and near our centers of exploration. The women, who remain the pillar of the communities gather into local cooperatives. They learn about producing and marketing agricultural products to generate greater income for them and their families. We help them develop a venue for a green market.

To achieve its goals, Tigui Holding strategically partners with agriculture companies to provide training courses on food hygiene, food security and income generation.

In Côte d’Ivoire, Tigui Holding partners with ANADER , a private operator and consultancy dedicated to promote and improve agricultural productivity across West Africa.

As an operator, and advisor ANADER offers us true alignment with our clients and brings a professional farm business capability to work alongside our agronomists and provide customers and communities with a more complete farm profit solution.With ANADER, we understand on both fertilizer and sustainable pesticide use, fixed cost management, utilisation of labour and machinery, environmental stewardship, diversification – all these factors affect the overall success of our AGROMINE business.