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25 BP 1313 Abidjan 25,
Commune de Cocody, Riviera Golf 4,
Beverly Hills,Republique de Côte d'Ivoire



Corporate executives in the mining, oil and gas and agriculture sectors are currently leading the demand for private jets. With over 3500 km2 in Africa, companies need an efficient mode of transportation to shuttle executives, employees, partners between their offices or headquarters and the locations of the mines or fields.

Our experience in mining, agriculture and Oil &gas sector allows us to easily adapt and schedule transportation in this kind of areas and manage the last minute demands for groups or individuals. We are managing intricate mission itineraries whether they require daily movements of employees form multipoint or origins or VIP services for company management. Tigui Aviation is extremely resourceful with any given itinerary in West Africa.

Every aspect of the mission will be planned and executed from your office to the destination. Tigui Aviation provides a safe, efficient and luxurious mode of transportation. We are able to customized catering, corporate client branding, on-board entertainment, customs, immigration and group transfers.

Tigui Aviation is also able to provide accommodation.

Tigui aviation has ability to provide:
Charter services with a choice of hiring some of the most comfortable and fast aircrafts and travel in luxury.
Offer a 24/7 travel arangements of grand tranportation services and of luxury cours and chauffeurs.
Please contact us for the list of our charter jets.