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25 BP 1313 Abidjan 25,
Commune de Cocody, Riviera Golf 4,
Beverly Hills,Republique de Côte d'Ivoire



TMG has started '' SOL BENI'', the first pilot project for Agromine on a plot of 52 hectares near the Camp Papidja in partnership with the village of Grand Bouboury in Dabou, located at 50 km from Abidjan.

The 5000 inhabitants of Grand Bouboury live mainly on production of rubber and cassava, a grain which is transformed into the rich nurturing semolina named attiéké. TMG is setting up a cooperative of twenty women dedicated to the production of attiéké.

TMG plans to enable the youth and women of Grand Bouboury to achieve financial independence and food security by creating job opportunities, increasing income revenue, and developing a value chain of activities ranging from production to marketing. TMG allocated a start-up budget of 14 Million CFA. On the Sol Beni plot, the slightly sloping land surface is covered with sparse vegetation with a small shoal near a dripping river. A complete soil study of the 52 ha is done by using drone innovation and technology as the team develops the exploitation of the plot.

Agromine focuses on the development of perennial crops, food crops and market gardening cash crops. The team has started the production of pepper, okra, eggplant, cucumber, and cassava on 5 hectares. The project will handle all phases from the establishment of the plot to the marketing of the crops. Agrici will follow the Agromine project for the realization of the above- mentioned crops.


Agriculture is far from being an exact science because the success of an agricultural project depends on several factors including soil condition, environment and climate. It is therefore very important to know the soil texture that is exploited in order to better benefit from it. A complete soil study of the 52 ha is required, but this will have to be done as we progress in the exploitation of the SOL BENI plot. Cleaning and ridging are also important factors in the success of market garden crops.


Vegetable crops require water, one of the assets of the site of the plot of SOL BENI is the river that runs nearby. To exploit the river and have a good crop yield, we will need an irrigation system consisting of sprinklers and a motor pump. The importance of having an irrigation system is that it will produce off-season crops and may be useful for other vegetable crops.


In the following, you will see the yields and incomes of the selected crops: pepper, okra, cucumber, eggplant and cassava. For this pilot project, the sales revenue of the products only for their first cycle totals 30 500 000 FCFA for an investment budget of 8 267 000 FCFA or 27% of the revenue for the pilot five (5) ha plot. Note that this operating cost does not take into account the wages of Agromine workers and the purchase of work tools.