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25 BP 1313 Abidjan 25,
Commune de Cocody, Riviera Golf 4,
Beverly Hills,Republique de Côte d'Ivoire


Tigui Holding™ manages an extensive portfolio of companies that pursues value creations through active support of its operating companies to provide greater assistance and development to Africa.

With a particular emphasis on West Africa, Tigui Holding plays a strategic role in acquiring and developing enterprises with economic values and sustainable growth for the transformation of the continent.

The founder, Tiguidanke Camara, is one of the youngest women mining executives and one of the few women mine owners in Africa. As a visionary and proactive businesswoman, she uses her entrepreneur background to pursue her objective of creating a conglomerate of natural resources and innovative technology companies.

The Holding has been strategically active in mining. It’s subsidiaries, Tigui Mining Group and Camara Diamond and Gold Trading Network are one of the few women-owned mineral exploration companies and the only one in West Africa. The group also focuses on other sectors such as Agriculture, Infrastructure and Real Estate, Aviation, Banking, Investment, Textile, Fashion & Cosmetics, Commerce, Import-export, Oil and Gas, Fishing, Technology.

Tigui Holding makes a turnover of $40 Millions with a workforce of 50.Tigui Holding is headquartered in Cote d’Ivoire with representations in Guinea and United States. We have operations in Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire.

Tigui Holding has highly experienced and competent professionals with vast knowledge in relative fields and a strong local presence with a great understanding of government laws and an important corporate networking.

Tigui Holding aims to be a cornerstone of the African macro-economic development, thus committing to:

- Develop ambitious projects through strategic partnerships and alliances in order to place itself as a cornerstone of the economic driver for the African Continent
- Target projects that generate employment opportunities in Africa and stimulate local economy
- Empowering and uplifting the youth through employment and education
- Sourcing from local suppliers and employing local talent
- Boosting Africa’s global competitiveness and global economic leadership through its activities.
- Consider the environmental impact and insure honest corporate governance

Tigui Holding advocates also a private sector driven African integration and supports the African Continental free Trade Area (AfCFTA).


Tigui Holding believes in strict professional ethics and enforces high standards of corporate governance. Tigui Holding’s management supports the growth of employees and strongly believes that business growth correlates with employee satisfaction, corporate responsibility and transparency. Tigui Holding focuses on sustainability and gender empowerment through the development of economic opportunities for the communities in and near the areas of exploitations.