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25 BP 1313 Abidjan 25,
Commune de Cocody, Riviera Golf 4,
Beverly Hills,Republique de Côte d'Ivoire



TMG Real Estate affordable housing development project area in Mayo campement-Bouafle, Cote d'Ivoire-2018



"Urban legislation should continue to be a priority area for sustainable urban development"

African cities are growing exponentially,adding an estimated 15 to 18 million people a year-averaging to 40,000 to 50,000 people every day. In the coming decades, Africa's urban population is projected to grow 45 percent faster than the population as a whole.By 2040 half of Africa's population will live in a city.

The growth of cities comes with an increasing demand of land for housing, services, jobs, and other aspects of urban development. Yet housing is rarely affordable. This leaves half of the urban population with no other alternatives but to live in slums and informal settlements under poor, overcrowded conditions.

Scarce urban land for housing development, increasingly high construction material and infrastructure costs, as well as a lack of land and housing policies and legislation, all lead to rising housing costs and tenure insecurity.

Housing finance in Africa is generally limited, with 85% of dwellers unable to secure housing due to high down payment requirements, short loan periods, and high interests rates.

While there are great challenges, they are not insurmontable.

TMG appreciates the value of purchasing land and developing it into quality residential and commercial buildings.

Therefore, as part of TMG Real Estate development group program, we have bought a series of land in Cote d'Ivoire precisely in Bouafle for our affordable housing projets.

Land acquisition

Mid-June, Ms. Tiguidanke Camara, Chairman & CEO of Tigui Mining Group, had a field trip with the real estate team to access the opportunities of investment in Bouafle.

We bought six plot of land of 600 m2 each totaling 3600 m2 of developing lands. We are finalizing another 10,000 m2 by a lake and 10,000 hectares for agriculture purposes. Please contact us for more development on our different programs. Here are the first acquisitions:

  • 1-LOT # 361 ILOT 43
  • 2-LOT # 362 ILOT 43
  • 3-LOT # 363 ILOT 43
  • 4-LOT # 460 ILOT 43
  • 5-LOT # 459 ILOT 56
  • 6-LOT # 549 ILOT 67

TMG-CI provides financial support and training to the cooperative Mesagô, gathering 32 women and led by a mother of seven and a widow, Ms Makonie. Their main source of revenue is culture of cassava, rice, corn and okra. They sell their products on-site. Most of the time, outside buyers come to the fields to buy. Some of the harvested products are transported by 3 to 4 women in the nearest city Douélé in Man department. These women lack means of transportations and resources to optimize their sales.

Bouaflé Department

Located 310 km from Abidjan, 58 km from Yamoussoukro, our political and administrative capital, the town of Bouaflé is a crossroads, a meeting point between the peoples of the Savannah and the forest.

Populated by approximately 76,000 inhabitants with its agglomeration, Bouaflé is a prosperous city and its economy, especially agricultural, is based on traditional food crops (plantain, yam, cassava, rice, taro, potato, peanut, etc.) and on industrial crops (coffee, cocoa, cotton, rubber). Forest production, once prosperous and milled on site, is now declining. The intensive fishing since the creation of Lake Kossou has become an important activity for the region. The breeding of pigs and cattle is constantly increasing.

The city-hub situation makes the Commune of Bouaflé a privileged place for meetings and tourism. The Marahoué National Park, partly in the communal territory and accessible by the road to Daloa to 24 km, and the variety of folklore of the city are a valuable asset for tourism. This natural park is the third after that of Comoé and Taï. It is home to various species of wildlife.